The Rising Tiger in Real Estate

Jet Yu Prime Philippines Founder and CEO

Closing more than Php 500 million worth of real estate deals by the age of 25, Jettson “Jet” Yu, young entrepreneur and licensed real estate broker, spearheaded and founded homegrown Filipino real estate advisory firm, PRIME Philippines.

His goal was simple:

“To challenge tradition and to create better real estate solutions.”

Jet Yu

PRIME Philippines was founded in 2013 stemming from a need to provide better real estate solutions in a rapidly changing economy influenced by the millennial market and technological advancements. In its 7 years of existence, under the leadership of Jet, PRIME Philippines has currently amassed a portfolio of over PHP 30B, closed over 100 deals, and transacted in over 10 countries around the world.

Among these are PHP 500 million worth of property acquisition within Clark, Pampanga in the span of one year, along with one of the largest single-ticket investment transactions in Quezon City during the time of its transaction. PRIME Philippines is consistently within the top 5 local real estate consultancy firms in terms of revenue since 2015. The company’s mission is to be the first local real estate firm to expand internationally and successfully showcase Filipino real estate on a global stage.

As a testament to his success, Jet was recognized by Asia Leaders Awards as Young CEO of the Year and Young Businessman of the Year in 2019. PRIME Philippines was also recognized by the city of Davao through its Business Development and Entrepreneurship Award. This came from efforts by Jet and his company to enable and bring in businesses and investments to the city.

An innovator in the industry, Jet currently works with various proptech firms and serves as either consultant or investor, with the goal of improving and updating how the real estate industry works. Jet remains on the lookout for potential game-changers and has appeared as one of the investors in CNN’s The Final Pitch. With his keen view of the future of real estate in mind, major developer clients have tapped Jet’s expertise with the aim of future-proofing their real estate developments and portfolios in this highly competitive and millennial-driven market. Jet is also a member of the Urban Land Institute and an avid advocate of nation-building. He believes that his part in the advocacy is through city enabling. Jet has worked with the national government in uplifting Marawi City post-battle through providing a market study, suggesting plausible developments and industries to empower, and bringing in potential investors.

Meet Jet Yu. One of the rising tigers in real estate will be joining us on March 22 at the premier launch of the Rising Tigers Magazine featuring the Top 50 emerging leaders and nation builders in Asia.

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