Gerald “Gerry” J. Santos is the Philippines’ “Ice King” for a reason

Being a multi awarded entrepreneur with more than 50 Ice plants in the country and tagged as the ice tycoon, Mr. Freeze himself, Gerald J. Santos or commonly known as Gerry is walking the talk and visible in sharing his blessings to communities. 

You might be seeing him in different sports activities, doing charities but also mostly in his mind and what makes him busy these days, helping the indigents have their own livelihood and a decent life for the family. 

Pedicabs and Tricycle Drivers 

Gerry in his interview keeps on talking about mentoring, might not be the usual talks that you heard but about teaching to start your own business even using pedicabs and tricycles in delivering ice to different community stores or neighbors. 

“You’ll see them lining up in the ice plant for tube ice. We’re happy since we’re helping the community in our small way through them. We don’t deliver to big establishments nowadays, it’s the distributors or resellers doing that already, that way, we’re helping more people to earn.”- Gerry Santos

Frostfive Inc 

This Managing Director with demonstrated expertise in company expansion goals and objectives, Gerry, the country’s ice leading manufacturer in the country invested in a startup company and works with business partners  in building successful F&B concepts and directly acclaimed franchises for Frostfive Inc. 

Since 2016, the group has grown to successfully own and operate a collective of wellness brands and its ties to consumer lifestyles. From its first brand and creator of activated-charcoal enhanced Frozen Yogurt BLK 513 to providing plant-based, keto, low calorie and gluten-free options with FRNK’s craft milk drinks and baked goods. In addition to wellness food and drinks, a new niche emerged in the industry, Yugen. Originally from Thailand, a home fragrance brand that has recently developed to a new extension, Yugen Nature Cafe. 

Gerry plays the pivotal role in ensuring the group’s culture, structure and profitability as he continues to oversee the strategic business planning towards sustainable growth and operational performance. With head office located in Quezon City, Frostfive Inc. now has 200 employees and over 20 stores in Metro Manila.

“I make it a point to expand every year to cope with growing demands. That is on top of continually improving the quality and service to my customers and dealers,” Santos shared.

Mr Freeze has numerous manufacturing plants strategically located nationwide, servicing homes and businesses and giving livelihood opportunities to families with their daily production capacity of several tons of tube ice per day.

Continuing a Legacy of Helping Community

“My goal is not only to earn money, but also to bring livelihood to tricycle drivers to kasambahays who want to increase their income by becoming distributors,” he explained.

By setting up the largest and most commercially viable ice plants in key locations, he is able to tap into the city or town locals to provide them with income-earning opportunities by helping distribute and market ice to their own communities.

Gerald “Gerry” J. Santos is the Philippines’ “Ice King” for a reason: he is not only the master of his trade, an empire he grew from his father’s business, and business partner to celebrities; he is also, and more importantly, an entrepreneur with a heart of gold.


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