Swaadisht: The spot to get that Indian cuisine fix

Swaadisht is a must-try—that authentic Indian cooking, using the freshest ingredients and spices flown in all the way from India, there’s nothing better than eating flatbreads from scratch and having cooked grilled meats and veggies from a traditional tandoor.

The other reason is the beautiful ambiance, befitting a slow dining experience. The Eastwood Mall branch is a two-floor standalone structure with modern Indian touches. It has an al-fresco seating area and a second floor with a sky ceiling, allowing for a dramatic dining experience at dinner time. The Uptown branch has an eclectic interior with Indian theme décor and glass art, but its centerpiece is the outdoor dining area with a 180-degree view of the Uptown neighborhood. Together with the authentic atmosphere, the restaurant provides its clientele, the stellar staff is friendly and knowledgeable about Indian cuisine.

Swaadisht owner Manjinder “James” Kumar and his wife Bianca have always wanted to venture into the restaurant business given the couple’s love for good food. James is also keen on promoting Indian culture being an Indian himself, and he thought what better way to meet his objective than coursing it through food. It is also their dream to develop businesses they know their children will love to run when the time is ripe for them to take over.

The flagship branch at Eastwood opened in May 2019, right before the pandemic. It was well received by the community as it was able to capture the Indian market of Eastwood as many Indians work in and live in Eastwood. Surprisingly, the restaurant has also attracted many young Filipinos alongside foreign nationals, working and living in the area.

In February 2021, Swaadisht opened its second branch in Uptown Mall, BGC (by the Verandah). Uptown then was in its infancy, blossoming as a mixed-use community in a prime location in Taguig. Uptown is a vibrant community with a thriving nightlife and hosts many residential buildings and offices including Google’s headquarters, attracting immediate working and upmarket residents.

One branch has survived the pandemic, and the other opened at a seemingly inauspicious time at the height of a lockdown, but the brand seems to have addressed a market gap so there it is now, moving forward.

Rising Tigers Team