“Beauty is great. But what is beauty if you’re not feeling great.” – Dr. Joel Lopez

This is what globally-renowned wellness doctor – Dr. Joel Lopez – says about one’s total well-being. Doc JLo, as he is popularly known, has been actively advocating alternative medicine.

His exposure to such discipline is attributed to his passion for holistic medicine which he learned from his mentors who are pioneers in holistic and alternative medicine in the US.

RUNS IN THE BLOOD. Belonging to a family of doctors, Doc JLo has been exposed to the field of medicine at an early age. Born and raised in Manila, he took up Medical Technology prior to entering medical school at the Far Eastern University in Manila. Thus, it is no surprise that he is now in medical practice.

At first, he wanted to become a cardiologist. But Doc JLo has ended up specializing in alternative medicine after completing his residency program in Internal Medicine at the Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. He admits that treating symptoms with medications is not enough but frustrating.

“My frustration has led me to exploring other modalities by treating the underlying causes rather than the symptoms,”

narrates Doc JLo.

Eventually, he pursued further studies in Complementary and Alternative medicine and eventually got board certified in Nutrition, Anti-Aging, and Regenerative Medicine. He trained with some of the pioneers in the Integrative Medicine field including Dr. Gus Prosch of Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. Chiedu Nchekwube of Merrillville, Indiana, and Dr. Paul Lynn of San Francisco, California.

BACK TO BASICS. Doc JLo has been vocal about having a balanced lifestyle. It starts with good nutrition and a proper diet.

“Our body is like a soil,” explains Doc JLo. “Soil sans pesticides or fertilizers produces good crops. And we need to detox our body regularly.”

Optimum nutrition is one of the basic requirements for a healthy immune system. He claims that a healthy immune system is a key protection against the Covid-19 virus. Amidst the global pandemic, he has been actively promoting his five “S” lifestyle approaches to a healthy immune system -SEX, SLEEP, SUNSHINE, SUPPLEMENT, and SMILE.

Aside from the 5 “S” lifestyle approach, it helps to be surrounded by good influence to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plus, having a good attitude gives you a sound mind and body.

He also mentions the healthy lifestyle of the people in the so-called blue regions as their secret to long life. Countries such as Japan, Italy, Greece, and Costa Rica are populated with a good number of centenarians, or those who live more than 100 years.

ADVOCACY: ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE TO MAINSTREAM. Doc JLo has been at the forefront of lobbying for the practice of integrated medicine to become mainstream. It seems that alternative medicine is considered to be inferior and an outcast.

“Integrated medicine is actually incorporating western and alternative medicine for a more holistic approach. It’s high time that alternative medicine be given equal acceptance in mainstream medicine. Drugs are safe to use for a short time but for a long time, our organs deteriorate. Our metabolism slows down as we age.”

He adds herbal medicines are effective and good alternatives to medication; thus, patients need not rely on expensive drugs.

Doc JLo pins high hopes on younger doctors to carry on and support his advocacy campaign. That’s why he has been active in sharing his knowledge and experience thru lectures, talks, and webinars.

“I have noticed that Pinoys have been gradually resorting to self-medication and alternative medicine, especially during the Omicron surge.”

He sees this as a good sign: That Filipinos are now receptive to preventive and alternative medicine.

“We need to be open-minded,” Doc JLo reiterates. “We need to take care of our body and mind. We need to be self-reliant.”

He further explains that chronic diseases are linked to poor diet and lifestyle choices.

HIS PIONEERING EFFORTS AND CREDENTIALS INSPIRE. Doc JLo has pioneered the Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO) procedure in the country. This procedure was performed on multi-awarded broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez-Roxas, which was featured on Rated Korina. Apparently, she got flak from netizens for allegedly endorsing a non-essential medical procedure.

But Doc JLo promptly explained that medical ozone therapy is widely practiced in Europe and America. As a US-trained Integrative Medicine and Certified Nutrition Specialist, he maintains integrative medicine practice here and in the USA. Among his international patients include Steven Seagal and Channing Tatum.

Doc JLo has proven expertise in Biological Medicine, Preventative Medicine, Age Management Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and holistic treatments of Chronic Degenerative Diseases and age-related disorders.

To give patients the best results, he incorporates various modalities in his practice including Nutritional Medicine, IV Nutritional Therapies, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Cytokine Therapy, Homotoxicology, Oxygen Therapies, and Cell Therapy.

His Philippine and US practice benefits from his experience in various medical fields, as well as his involvement in numerous professional organizations. Dr. Lopez is an active member of the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), Institute of Functional Medicine(IFM), Society for the Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Aging Malaysia (SAHAMM), and the Orthomolecular Health Medicine Society. He is also a member of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) and has trained with the best LLMDs (Lyme-literate MDs) in the US including Drs. Eric Gordon, Wayne Anderson, Christine Green and Raphael Stricker. He has also trained with DAN (Defeat Autism Now!), an organization that addresses the integrative treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Doc JLo is one of the first doctors in San Francisco, California who incorporated Functional Medicine into his practice in the early 2000s. He has been working with laboratories that provide functional tests such as Genova Diagnostics, NeuroScience, DoctorsData, Metametrix Labs, and Spectracell Laboratories. He is licensed to practice medicine in California, Illinois, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, and the Philippines.

He maintains an Integrative medical practice both in the USA and the Philippines. He is the Medical Director of the Azzolino Chiropractic and Integrative Wellness in San Francisco, CA, USA, and JLopezMD Medispa and Wellness Center at Centuria Medical building in Makati City, Philippines. He consults for Renew Youth Centers, experts in aging therapy and hormone replacement. His clients now include a roster of international and local politicians, celebrities, and executives.

He continues his advocacy to help and educate more people about the science of holistic medicine and its benefits. He is training other doctors, leading roadshows and health talks, guesting in TV and Radio programs, and participating in a number of medical missions.

Undoubtedly, Doc JLo is a name to reckon with not only in preventive medicine but also in the world of mainstream medicine.

“You need to be a role model,” Doc JLo talks about his being a leader and influencer in medicine. “You can’t advocate about preventive health if you’re smoking. As they say, practice what you preach.”

According to Doc JLo, preventive health and alternative medicine should not be expensive.

“Let’s educate our young generation about good nutrition,” Doc JLo concludes.

“To be healthy is a basic human right.”


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