Young Artist in Focus: Elisha

Elisha Pontanares, Grand Winner of Asia’s Best Singing Competition Season 2, made waves also as the First Prize Winner in the Euro Talent Festival Star Rain Cup International Talent Competition in Prague, Czech Republic, and she’s only 15!

“In one word, memorable!” she exclaims, reliving the momentous moment for the young artist who’s already making the Philippines proud of her achievements.

“It was my first time competing internationally and my first time winning one! I’ve also made a lot of friends who came from Italy, France, and Germany. I’m also grateful for Coach Mayi and Ms. Charie Vega who came with us too! Love them both!”

Now, ELISHA makes history again by singing with classic OPM artist Marco Sison in “An 80’s SaturDate” on June 11, 2022, at Teatrino, Promenade, Greenhills.

The one-night only concert was presented by Echo Jham, in partnership with TAG Media Group, whose head honcho Ms. Grace Bondad Nicolas was all raves for the young and already world-class talent.

“ELISHA is the next generation superstar with her angelic voice, determination, and passion! She will be the Regine or Sharon. Why not? Most stars start singing in competitions and ELISHA has always been a success,” Ms. Nicolas gushed, and for all the good reasons.


“My favorite artists are Adele, Morissette Amon, and Gigi De Lana. You’d notice that their singing styles are different and unique in their own way. This connects to me as a young artist who is still trying to explore and widen my creativity in music,” she shares.

“I look up to them because I’m still discovering where I can shine the most with my voice and what gives me my own uniqueness. This way, I can inspire other people to be as amazing as they are.”

ELISHA, a singer-artist from KDR Music House, grooves to the pop, soul, and RNB genres.


“My upcoming song ‘Pakpak’ is an inspirational song that I can super relate to. It’s hard to lose someone you love, you usually not only lose this person but also a part of yourself. That’s why the message of the song is all about finding your worth, releasing your wings again, and having faith to move on,” ELISHA revealed.

Already on her seventh song, she first regaled the public in 2021 with her refreshing and soulful rendition of “Proud to Say.” This song, dedicated for all loving fathers, was released by KDR Music House under the Loving You album.

In less than a year’s time, she has continued to gift music lovers all over the world with her warm velvety voice.

ELISHA’s remarkable balance of emotional and relaxing vocals infuse “More Blessings Sayo,” a Christmas song, “Invincible,” an inspirational song; “Babalik Ka,” a tribute to frontliners and OFWs, who are always away from their families; and, “Kabang-Kaba” and “Ready to Fall,” both love songs.

When not recording, the TAG Media Group Ambassador serenades the high-profile honorees and esteemed audiences of ultra-chic events like the Asia Leaders Awards, Millionaires Mindset, OPM for a Cause , The Great Shift Virtual Concert, and the American Association of Philippines.


“My greatest inspiration is definitely God, my family, and my supporters,” ELISHA averred, confirming what everyone’s been thinking of inspiring a young Filipino international artist.

“They provide me enough emotional support, unconditional love, and positiveness to come out of my shell or comfort zone to try new things and just enjoy what I love doing, which is making music.”

Demure and delicate, yet endowed with a powerful voice, ELISHA is truly the epitome of gratefulness and inspiration at 15.

“To the young aspiring singers, DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS just because your friends or family don’t support you. Always remember that the world we are living in is full of strangers that can cheer you on!” she says with conviction.

“But don’t forget that sometimes it’s okay to take a break. It is always that courage to continue that counts,” ELISHA concludes, leaving both lovers and makers of music her inspiring words to remember.

Indeed, at 15, ELISHA may be learning more, but she’s also singing more to be that inspiration we all need!


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