On the Frontrow, at Embassy of Singapore in Manila, Philippines, November 11, 2021.

Business leaders from different industries gathered together to celebrate victory as Asia Leaders Awards (ALA) acknowledge their outstanding achievements and contributions to the Philippines and to the Filipino people.

Frontrow PH took home 6 awards from ALA. Not surprising though, as we are all aware they have consistently been producing an excellent line of products. They were named the Health & Wellness Company of the Year, Most Trusted & Admired MLM Company, also making them the recipient of the MLM Company of the Year Award.  

And since Frontrow has conquered not only the Philippines but also Singapore, South Korea, Canada, London, India, and UAE, they were also declared as the Global Company of the Year. With Regine Velasquez Alcasid on their newest ad, they were also given the “Best Celebrity Ad Campaign in MLM” award..

Beyond the business side, it can be recalled that Frontrow was among the very first to respond to the call to help our fellow Filipinos adversely affected by the pandemic during its first blow. Their company’s participation in various social advocacy activities, and outreach programs thru Frontrow Cares, their CSR arm,  made them the face of modern business superheroes. Asia Leaders Awards acknowledged this fact and cited them as the “Most Comprehensive Pandemic Response Movement.”

They were the lone company so far in the history of Asia Leaders Awards who brought home 6 trophies in one night. And this does not include the individual honors their Founders R.S. Francisco and Sam Verzosa received that same night.

On a post on the official Frontrow PH FB page, “We would like to thank Asia Leaders Awards for the unstoppable support and acknowledging the hard work that we put in and share to the community. All our love and profound appreciation goes to all our Frontrow business partners, employees, and friends who never stop believing and have supported the company during its phenomenal success.”

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