Power Gala 2023: Comelec Chairman Atty. George Erwin Garcia promotes Transformative Leadership

An inspiring speech delivered by the front cover of Rising Tigers Magazine September Issue Comelec Chairman mentioned that our country needs Nation Builders that would uplift the lives of every Filipino.

He believes in transforming the Nation through service and integrity, he also believes that It is not about the size of one’s contribution but the consistent act of giving. A lifelong pursuit of education and character is vital in public service. He calls all Rising Tigers to be a catalyst for transformation, as the new generation of leaders enter the industries.

Our nation needs transformative leaders. Here is a message of Comelec Chairman Atty. George Erwin Garcia to all our aspiring Rising Tigers.

“A Nation Builder is someone who understands that the progress of a society is a shared responsibility, rooted in the collective endeavors of its people. Such an individual realizes that empowerment is key, as each person can only give their best when equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge. In line with the teachings of our national heroes, a nation builder places a premium on education, viewing it not just as a means of personal development but as an avenue to exercise genuine freedom, uphold national pride, and pave the way for a brighter future through both personal and professional sacrifices.”

“Within the realm of elections, the essence of nation-building lies in voter education and the aggressive combatting of misinformation and disinformation. It’s not just about casting a vote; it’s about making informed decisions for our collective future. Our drive for electoral reform centers on accessibility, as we aim for more inclusive participation in the process of choosing our leaders.”

At the ‘Power Gala 2023’, Chairman George Garcia empathizes that the country needs more leaders such as the Rising Tigers and Nation Builders. He said that he would personally endorse them if they would ever run for office.

Rising Tigers Magazine continues to promote transformative leadership and aims to contribute to nation building.

Comelec Chairman George Erwin Garcia and Rising Tigers CMO Andria Terese Nicolas


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