Rising Tiger—Atty. Arnel Mateo on the importance of the right people in business 

As a young businessman, he believes that mentoring and inspiring employees are essential for the success of any enterprise. 

“It is important to choose the right people who are willing to learn, who are not afraid to take calculated risks, and who are willing to embrace the company’s core values.”

As a leader, he advocates for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. He believes that any organization or business for that matter will grow if it welcomes people from different backgrounds and perspectives. Everyone should be given equal opportunity to express their thoughts, share their talents, and lead a project. Everyone in a group should feel that their presence, ideas, and contributions are appreciated and valued.

If life, he believes that we measure happiness and success with how others become because of you. Before getting married, ARNEL was a business and law professor in several universities and colleges. He takes pride in that most of his students are now successful lawyers, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders.

He is a Rotarian, a member of the Rotary Foundation’s Arch Klumph Society, and an active member of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Quezon City where he currently holds the position of its Executive Vice-President.

A loving husband and father, ARNEL always find time to spend quality moments and activities with his family.

Atty. Arnel Mateo (ARNEL) is a recognized data privacy and protection lawyer. He is currently the President & CEO of ADM & Partners Data Privacy and Consulting Inc. (ADM & Partners), one of the Philippines’ leading data privacy firms, and one of the institutional privacy trainers accredited by the National Privacy Commission. Established in 2017, ADM & Partners provides data privacy protection, compliance, and legal services to several government offices and private business organizations.

A lawyer, litigator by profession, and a career service professional, ARNEL is also the Vice-President for Legal at SPD Jobs Inc. (SPD), a leading service contracting/staffing company in the Philippines which is already twenty-six (26) years in the industry.


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