Socialite Anna Sia’s Glamorous Birthday

Socialite Anna Sia, who was recently awarded by Philippine’s Best Dressed as Ambassador for 2022, celebrated her birthday with a 007 James Bond theme party at the swanky Pardon my French. Her posh friends didn’t disappoint her, they came in droves, with the dazzling guys in licensed-to-thrill ensembles while the women in their sexy glamorous get up oozing with the killer looks of a James Bond movie leading lady.

Ambassador Victor Garcia with his wife Connie, the one and only Johnny Litton, the celebrant’s best friend, lawyers Manette Agbayani & Bong Prada Lim, & Gerard Ramirez were the earliest. Linda Ley, Consul Marian Ong & sister Czarina, Edwin Medalla, Cory Quirino, her equally best dressed pretty daughter Alta & husband Speedy Lyttle came in not long after.

To the beat of Juan Miguel Salvador’s band, Gela Cornilessen, Agile Zamora, Judith Tan escorted by her husband Archie Tan, Ofelia Wadle, Kathryn Manuntag, Connie Haw, Merci Padolina & Tiffany Cuña swooped down the floor & danced to their hearts’ content.

VIP Swing By Becky Garcia


Rising Tigers Magazine goes to Asia’s Tiger Country Taiwan.

The Top Executives of a proudly Filipino-owned Magazine Rising Tigers went to one of Asia’s Tiger Countries, Taiwan.  According to the Corporate Finance Institute, Taiwan is one of the Four Asian Tigers that have steadily retained a high rate of economic growth since the 1960s, joining the ranks of the richest countries in the world. […]

Tag Media Group on Net25s Trailblazer Awards: The Philippines is Open for Business

On January 25, 2024, Net25 held their very first Trailblazers Awards at the EVM Convention Center. The Awards is the first collaboration between Net25 and Tag Media Group marking a milestone for both Media Companies. The Awards are presented by Tag Media Group CEO Andrew Troy Nicolas and Net25 President Caesar Vallejos. The Awardees are […]