3D Container Packaging Phils. Corp.

The 3D Container & Packaging Phils. Corp. is a manufacturing company founded by Ms. Jaie F. Ador in the year 2002. The success and awards of the company has now was built from the bottom by people with mere dreams to make their lives better. Ms. Jaie F. Ador did not come from a wealthy family. She was from the poverty-stricken hometown in Caloocan who barely had enough to feed their 8-member family. She had to become a working student to provide for herself and finish her studies as well. Still, the challenges of being poor does not end there. She became a single working mother of 3 children while establishing 3D Container. 

Tenacity and perseverance are just superficial words to describe the strength to overcome the struggles of young, poor, women in society and in business.

Ms. Jaie F. Ador graduated Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Lyceum of the Philippines and founded the 3D Container Packaging Phils. Corp. through the various experiences she had in 17 years. Now, 3D Container is one of the leading small-medium enterprise in the Philippines being an ISO certified company since 2015, a Productivity Olympics Champion Regionally and Nationally (2019), and most recently winning the ASEAN Productivity Olympics in 2020.

A small manufacturing company with less than three employees at first, no delivery trucks, not enough machineries, and just a handful of customers. Everything was a challenge and a battle against themselves. However, hard work never betrays as commitment and passion has been instilled from the management down to its people. Ms. Jaie created a company that is more than manufacturing boxes but a family as well. The familial bond of the company enriched with trust and camaraderie became the foundation of the company which led them to garner awards and ultimately expand their company even with the challenges of the on-going pandemic. She never forget to support her people especially during the lockdown as well as other micro enterprises as well as other volunteer works and social activities like Padyak Pangkabuhayan, Community Pantry, and other community donations during these trying times.

Ms. Jaie and 3D Container have always shown strength and bravery in overcoming challenges in their way one step at a time. The pandemic may have shaken them down but it is with the belief and loyalty to one another that created a solid foundation that will not easily crumble down. They were able install additional machineries and offer a line of new products resulting to high percentage of sales achievement and increase of revenue that ultimately led to more job opportunity as well.

Years of service and not only has the company been able to provide for a single family but for all the families of the employees of 3D as well as other poor communities. A company is only as good as the people it keeps and 3D Container has the heart not just for their customers but for their employees as well. The secret to an unwavering supportive foundation of the company is the nurturing environment that not only enriches the talents and skills of its employees but supports their dreams and goals in life as well. Therefore, this is the only the start as 3D Container expands its horizons and we expect that they will always remain triumphant to whatever they face in the future.



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