Tag Media Group on Net25s Trailblazer Awards: The Philippines is Open for Business

On January 25, 2024, Net25 held their very first Trailblazers Awards at the EVM Convention Center. The Awards is the first collaboration between Net25 and Tag Media Group marking a milestone for both Media Companies.

The Awards are presented by Tag Media Group CEO Andrew Troy Nicolas and Net25 President Caesar Vallejos.

The Awardees are leaders from different industries, namely Dr. Brian Poe Llamanzares Author of A Sustainable Future, Ramon Ang President of San Miguel Corporation, Philippine Airlines President Capt. Stanley Ng, Comelec Chairman George Erwin Mojica Garcia, Glenda Dela Cruz CEO of Brilliant Skin, Walther Buenavista President of Shawarma Shack, George Royeca Founder of Angkas, Robert Laurel Yupangco President of Zoomanity Group, Ferdinand Vincent Co-President of Puregold, Josh Mojica Owner of KangKong Chips Original, Sarah Mateo President of SPD Jobs, Dr. Elton See Tan of E-Hotels and many more.

The President of Tag Media Grace Bondad Nicolas shared how the Philippines is open for business in her Welcome remarks.

“The Philippines is Open for Business and seeing All the Leaders here in the venue for Trailblazers awards, the Philippines is a Global powerhouse too with the success and tenacity of each and every one of you. Not to mention the invited guests that we have here also.”

– Tag Media Group President, Grace Bondad Nicolas

She also highlighted that the Philippines has a place in the global Arena, mentioning Philippine Airlines and San Miguel Corporation.

“And today, we have already a place in a Global arena, from San Miguel Corporation to Philippine Airlines, we are competing Globally and yet at the same time collaborating not just for the benefit of our own organizations but also for Nation Building as its finest.”

In a video message, the VP of Tag Media Group and CMO of Rising Tigers Magazine Andria Terese Nicolas emphasized how historical the Trailblazer Awards is for both Media Companies.

“We are grateful to collaborate with one of the leading channels on their very first Awards. Truly another historical moment has been made. With Net25, we will be able to meet our mission in growth and transformation as we go a step further this year.”

– Tag Media Group VP and Rising Tigers Magazine CMO, Andria Terese Nicolas

She also highlights the company’s commitment to nation-building.

“We need you because we strongly believe that the most invaluable lessons we will ever know will be from experiences of our leaders, that could only reach the hearts of our citizens. We are here To provide local and global connections that would lift the Philippine Economy. “

“To our Awardees, you have honored your people with service, and we honor you with our trust. Tag Media Group and Net25 will continue to bring people closer, now and long into the future. After all, we are Filipinos, and we are the Rising Tigers and the Nation Builders of Asia.”

Tag Media Group is an advertising company that is 15 years in the media industry that was launched through the biggest blogging summit in the Philippines ‘Laguna Blogging Summit’ with more than 5,000 bloggers and writers attending, since then it expanded and reached different public and private companies and became an advertising consultancy company. In 2022, Tag Media Group released their very first publication, Rising Tigers Magazine.

The Magazine became their trademark and penetrated more industries in the Philippines, with the vision of having the Country as the next Rising Tiger of Asia. Leaders from different parts of the country joined together with a shared purpose. It is currently the country’s most distributed Magazine in National Bookstore and also in all Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounge.

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