The Greatest Stories Our Country has ever heard

The Power Gala was the last event of Rising Tigers Magazine for the year 2023. The Magazine encourages all leaders to contribute to nation-building by sharing their stories with the world.

The Chief Marketing Officer Andria Terese Nicolas shares the goals of the Magazine and calls all to be the people whom Filipinos will look up to with pride now and long into the future. She shares that Rising Tigers started a new age of Leadership, A transformative one. The selected few of the December Featured leaders are those who demonstrated Transformative Leadership throughout their careers.

Andria Terese Nicolas at the Rising Tigers Power Gala 2023

“In every industry, there is always ‘the first’. The one who changed the system, built a team, and made an impact in their respective industry and the world.

Not so long ago, there was not a solid platform that promoted Philippine leadership. Industry leaders are not as popular and heard, and they are not as collaborative before than they are today. In these current times, innovation is what our country needs. Filipino Innovation reflects the leadership we have in all industries. It’s easy to talk about nation-building, but it takes a lot of courage to actually work for it. We are all separated by industries, by our positions, but we are all here because right now Nation Building is happening. Our leaders who are with us started a new age of Leadership in the Philippines, A transformative one. Their biggest contribution would be sharing their stories to the world. Never underestimate the power of stories, because the world is always watching.”

Andria Terese Nicolas at Rising Tigers Power Gala 2023

“You’re here now in the country’s biggest leadership stage of the most distributed magazine in the Philippines as trailblazers and innovators. We should understand the responsibility and power bestowed on us. The goal is to transform the Philippines into an innovation-driven economy.

Leaders together with Rising Tigers magazine, we can make it happen. Steve Jobs said, that the most powerful people in the world are storytellers. Being able to share what we have, our values, experiences, and how it can change the course of another person’s life, when they hear you and follow you.

That is what keeps our Magazine an exceptional success because we have the greatest stories our country has ever heard. We have been taking innovative steps throughout the year and we couldn’t have done it without you. Together let’s make Philippines the Rising Tigers of Asia.

Be the person whom the Filipinos look up to with pride, now and long into the future, if you can make great innovations then so can the nation. We are trailblazers of this country because we are the Rising Tigers. Thank you and Congratulations to our Country’s transformative leaders.”

Andria Terese Nicolas at the MacArthur Suite, Manila Hotel
September Cover of Rising Tigers Magazine Comelec Chairman George Erwin Garcia and Rising Tigers
CMO Andria Terese Nicolas


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