Brian Poe Llamanzares Joins Forces with Ang Liga to Empower Young Athletes in 19th Season

Brian Poe Llamanzares, Chairman of FPJ Panday Bayanihan, and President of Pantheon Holdings teams up with Ang Liga to empower young athletes in the 19th Season. Their collaboration reflects a deep belief in the transformative power of sports, fostering personal growth, and providing equal opportunities. This partnership signifies a significant milestone in sports development and showcases Brian Poe Llamanzares’ commitment to inclusivity and community engagement.

At the heart of Ang Liga’s mission is the belief in nurturing athletic skills and valuable life lessons. The league serves as a catalyst for unlocking athletes’ full potential from diverse backgrounds, promoting teamwork, discipline, and resilience. This collaboration brings together the shared vision of Brian Poe Llamanzares and Ang Liga to create a transformative experience for young athletes, driving positive change within the sports community.

“The partnership FPJ Panday Bayanihan is making with Ang Liga is a way for us to cultivate the future of football in the Philippines. We believe in nation-building and sports has always been one of the avenues we can take to advocate this. Football is a sport where we know we can be competitive and have proven we can be champions.”

Poe Llamanzares.

The 19th season of Ang Liga aims to capture the hearts and minds of sports enthusiasts as twenty-four exceptional teams from prestigious collegiate leagues, including NCAA, UAAP, and community-based squads, take center stage. This showcase serves as a testament to Ang Liga’s unwavering dedication to providing equal opportunities to talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and nurturing their athletic potential.

“We are blessed and thankful that we were able to get the backing of Brian Poe Llamanzares and the FPJ Panday Bayanihan Foundation, with a goal to give more exposure to the nation’s grassroots development and to give a platform for the youth, from all walks of life. This season is just a start, and we are planning a lot for the game of football locally.”

Karl Tan, Director of Operations of Ang Liga.

The Ang Liga team also includes Patrick Maramara, founder of KickStart Football who is actively involved as one of Ang Liga’s Tournament Directors. “This partnership ensures that the efforts put in by all involved in the 19 years of Ang Liga will come to fruition sooner than later, maintaining its true goal: developing the Filipino footballer player into one with world-class standards,” added Maramara. 

Paolo del Rosario, sports journalist, and broadcaster, has joined Ang Liga as Director of Media and aims to contribute to enhancing the league’s media presence and communication strategies.

“This partnership is a game changer in Ang Liga’s history. We are eager to see how this partnership can develop ways to grow the beautiful game locally not just this season but in years to come.”

Paolo del Rosario.
In Photo: FPJ Panday Bayanihan Chairman and Pantheon Holdings President Brian Poe Llamanzares  and Ang Liga Director of Operations Karl Tan.

Pantheon Holdings, a start-up investment firm committed to supporting community development initiatives, has joined the collaboration, bringing its resources and expertise to the table. 

“Our vision at Pantheon Holdings has always been to create impact and help provide structure for local initiatives and investments in different sectors. As Filipinos, sports has always been a driving force to build community and we’re glad to be helping FPJ Panday Bayanihan and Ang Liga foster that this season”.


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