CMO of Rising Tigers Magazine: Your Brand is a Reflection of You

Rising Tigers Magazine CMO Andria Terese Nicolas went to Buting Senior Highschool during their ABM Week to be one of their speakers for the event. The talk is entitled “Empower the Youth: Creating your own personal Brand.”

“Your brand is a reflection of you. Your Business will rely solely on your values, beliefs, and purpose. You can take inspiration from other people, but you must first check what you want to give to the world, to the people around you, and your big ‘why’. Once you have established your brand, you will carry it with your name wherever you go. Your actions, habits, dreams, and character will define your success.”

Nicolas shared her insights on the meaning of having a brand. She told the students that they must not be afraid to take risks and to continue to believe in themselves to have others believe in their brand.

“One of the most important pieces of advice that I live by is a quote from Queen Elizabeth; “You have to be seen to be believed.” I kept reminding myself that there was no place in the sky for cowards. Remember behind every successful business, there is a hardworking entrepreneur who believed in himself before the world did.”

Rising Tigers CMO, Andria Terese Nicolas

She told the students that they have to be able to find out first what they can contribute to their country, to be called a successful entrepreneur.

“You will know that you have reached your highest point of success if you have used your influence, power, and your brand to give back to your country, being able to help your people is more than just an act of service, it is beyond leadership.”

Rising Tigers CMO, Andria Terese Nicolas

Rising Tigers Magazine is a digital and print publication running a quarterly cover feature highlighting business tycoons and rising leaders from different industries. The magazine is designed to cater to aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to learn from the success stories of those leading in the business industry. The publication strives to inspire and motivate those who wish to start or grow their businesses through countless stories and experiences of knowledgeable individuals featured in the magazine.

(from left to right: Ricky Mae S. Linezo, Laksmidevi L. Manaol, Nathanielle Darwin C. Momo, Andria Terese Nicolas, Jerome C. Jarilla.)
(From left to right: Mr. Erwin C. Lugtu, Mrs. Jennifer M. Hobrero, Andria Terese Nicolas, Mrs. Ethel Gaoiran Barcelona.)


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