Rebrand your Business

By Armando Bartolome

The franchise guru, Armando “Butz” Bartolome shared once again his insights with regards to rebranding. Sometimes, to improve one’s identity and especially if the focus has been changed, rebranding must be done to reach more of the target clients.

As per Butz, Yes, you can rebrand your business. Rebranding can involve changing your business name, logo, messaging, or overall Identity. It can be a major undertaking but also a great opportunity to refresh and reinvigorate your business.

Reasons for rebranding can include the following:

  • Changing market conditions or competition
  • Outdated Branding or Image
  • Merger or Acquisition
  • Expanding or Diversifying your Product or Service Offerings
  • Repositioning the Company in the Market

Before rebranding, it’s important to thoroughly research and understand the reasons for the change and your target market, competitors, and brand positioning. It’s also essential to involve key stakeholders and have a clear plan for executing and communicating the rebrand to your customers.


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