From Columbia to Harvard, Brian Poe tours IVY League and Top Universities for “A Sustainable Future” Book Tour.

Columbia University, Fordham University, Boston College, and Harvard University were all part of Brian Poe-Llamanzares’ international book tour. He went around the universities to promote his book “A sustainable future”. Poe-Llamanzares donated his book to each of the schools in order to raise awareness about the Filipino fight for sustainability.

“We need to raise awareness about our country. There’s so little literature written about us even if we’re one of the most climate vulnerable countries in the world. They should know how we’re adapting to and preparing for climate change so they know how to help us as well.”

Brian poe-llamanzares

Poe-Llamanzares kicked off his book tour with a talk at Columbia University where he completed his Master’s in Climate and Society back in 2018. Attendees of his round table discussion included faculty from the Climate School of Columbia University, Students from the Climate and Society Program, and members of the Philippine Delegation to the 67th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Brian Poe Llamanzares at Fordham University in New York

DICT’s Undersecretary Anna Mae Lamentillo who was part of the UN delegation in New York, pointed out the urgency of the topics discussed during the book tour,

“Sustainable Development paves way for a genuine, dynamic and grounded discourse on climate change. It provides much needed diversity, context in an issue that should have been tackled five decades ago.”

Anna Mae Lamentillo, DICT Undersecretary

Brian traveled from New York to Boston to donate his book to the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Library as well as the executive education program department.

He also passed Senator Grace Poe’s Alma Mater Boston College and met with faculty and the Board of the Philippine Society of Boston College. Poe-Llamanzares donated books to Boston College and the Philippine Society which his mother co-founded.

Bryan Fleming, Director for Global Engagement, at Boston College pointed out the importance of Poe-Llamanzares’ book saying,

From Left to Right: Boston College Vice Provost S.J. James F. Keenan, Philippine Society BC freshman Rep. Isabel Reichert, PSBC executive board member Garrett Martin, Brian Poe Llamanzares, Global Engagement Director Brian Fleming, and PSBC co-president Julia Pangan

“There is no question about the importance of sustainability for our future. With A Sustainable Future, Dr. Brian Poe Llamanzares has written a compelling and accessible book outlining some of the most significant environmental issues facing our planet—and the Philippines—today. What’s particularly important about Llamanzares’ book is that he offers us real, actionable steps to guide us toward more sustainable practices.”

Bryan Fleming, Director for Global Engagement of Boston College

As a member of the youth and Co-President of the Philippine Society of Boston College Julia Pangan explained the importance of this manuscript and more works similar to “A Sustainable Future” to help address the climate change issues of the country.

“As climate change begins to place its heaviest burdens on island nations, the need for more Filipino authorship in the environmental field grows ever greater. Comprehensive, analytical, and optimistic, A Sustainable Future leaps into this literature gap and offers the reader not only a broad view of the challenges the country faces but also a concrete blueprint for a truly sustainable future that can and must be achieved.”

Julia Pangan, Co-President of the Philippine Society of Boston College

Before ending his book tour, Brian unveiled his book at the University of Pennsylvania Club of New York. His book is now proudly displayed alongside the club’s leading authors. It is the first book authored by a Filipino donated to the prestigious Franklin Room Library.

Brian Poe Llamanzares by his book at the executive education department of the Harvard Kennedy School

Poe-Llamanzares went on to say that he hopes more people will look to the Philippines and find ways to support the country’s efforts to build a more sustainable future for itself. He says he’ll be working on a curriculum and book tour for back home in the Philippines.

The book “a sustainable future” is available in all NCR national bookstores, Lazada, and Shoppee.

The book may now also be found at the Butler Library at Columbia University, Quinn Library at Fordham University, O’Neil Library at Boston College, the Franklin room Library at the University of Pennsylvania Club of New York, and The Harvard Kennedy School Library.


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