Rising Tiger Captain Stanley Ng as the President is taking good care of PAL

In the recent mayhem at NAIA Airport, Philippine Airline under the management of its current and new President, Captain Stanley Ng is making sure that they gave relevant information to their customers and guests.

Airlines have canceled 268 flights following the power failure at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on the first day of 2023, affecting thousands of frustrated flyers.

In their recent post, they publish advisories so that the coming passengers will be guided and as follows

PAL Advisory 3

Flights to US/Canada departing tonight as airspace partially reopens — January 1, 2023

“We will operate several international flights to the U.S. and Canada tonight, 01 January 2023, in view of the partial reopening of Philippine airspace after the authorities resolved technical issues with the navigational air traffic management system.”

“We advise you to check the status of your journey before proceeding to the airport. Please log on to https://www.philippineairlines.com/en/flight-status.”

The following PAL flights are departing tonight, but with planned delays, in line with approved clearances:

January 1, 2023

PR 118 Manila-Toronto (4 hours delayed)

PR 102 Manila-Los Angeles (4 hours delayed)

PR 104 Manila-San Francisco (4 hours delayed)

PR 116 Manila-Vancouver (4 hours delayed)

PAL is closely coordinating with the aviation authorities on the adjustment of flight schedules and clearances, as the authorities are working expeditiously to resolve this temporary problem.

This is a temporary situation, and PAL will take all necessary steps to restore normal schedules and bring diverted flights back to their original destination as soon as possible. As always, safety is their top priority, and they seek kind understanding and patience as PAL works with the authorities and service partners to make the best of a challenging situation.


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