Chooks to Go Ronald Mascariñas New Year with Family

“Rightfully spending the first day of 2023 with family! Missing my doppelgangers Paul Mascarinas and PG Mascariñas.”- Ronald Mascariñas

We would like to spend most of the time if possible with family and what more for this important day of the year, January first.

The President and General Manager of one of the biggest in poultry industry, Ronald Daniel Ricaporte Mascariñas posted in his social media account and thankful for spending time with his family.

Get to know him well with this Q&A with our managing director.

What are the most important qualities of a leader?

“A good heart for his people and his community is the most important quality of a great leader. The leader will always find ways no matter how difficult to grow the business so that he can provide more for his people and give something back to the community.”

“The second most important quality of a great leader is the ability to inspire people to work for a common goal. And the epitome of that is when people develop a deep sense of “Malasakit” to the company he works for.”

Biggest challenge in projects

“The biggest challenge is managing change. We need to keep on improving to remain relevant in the marketplace. And every improvement involves changes in the ways we do things. People by nature dislike change and will always resist change as this causes disruption in their routine.”

On success

“My yardstick of success is the number of lives I touched. It is the number of employees, business partners and suppliers whose lives become better working with us.”

Leadership strategies

“For me, I’ve always been hands on with how we run our company.

I make sure to not just get reports from every division but also see the day-to-day operations, from the stores to our main office.”

“But that doesn’t mean I don’t trust our managers. I just want them to feel that if they encounter any problems, I will be supporting them.”

On Legacy

“Again legacy is not about having your name live in books or through awards. Leaving a legacy means helping those in need, expecting nothing in return.”

“It’s about helping — helping kids finish school, supporting grassroots programs in both sports and the academe, and creating leaders within our organization.”

“Legacy is beyond having your name live forever, it’s about helping people live.”

Your relaxation activities?

“It’s really my time spent with family and friends in our farm. I give so much value to family time.”

When asked about the message for his constituents, “To everyone in Bounty, I could never express how much I and Chairman Tenny are grateful to all of you. Without you, our machine will not run without you. Depsite the journey being rocky over the past two years, you made sure that everything went smooth sailing, resulting in back-to-back banner years. I’m so proud of each and everyone of you and I hope that we will continue to ride together.”


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