A Tribute to our Featured Leader, Dr. James Boado

December 27, 2022–During this Christmas holiday, Dr. James Boado called our Managing Director, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas about the project that he started and for days discussed the new plans for 2023.

It’s all about new beginnings and his planned contribution to the magazine. To give also more than 1000% to achieve the goals they both decided to win. But life has a different plan. His fragile heart while walking today can’t take it anymore—a sudden goodbye.

For his article this coming January, let us share some write-ups with you.

He hopes to inspire confidence in all big-figured men and women, and being curvy would spark conversation surrounding acceptance and inclusion to the standards.

Some of the lessons we can learn from Dr. James:

He said:

“Believe in yourself, and you will be unstoppable.”

“What you think of yourself is way more important than what they are thinking of you”.

“Be mindful of yourself, Be good to yourself, Be grateful and thankful always, encourage others, and always remember you are worthy of everything. I take pride in size, as size should never be a barrier to great style.”

“Succes is doing something that makes you happy, and something that you enjoy”.

“Often not taking the path of least resistance, but opening yourself to new challenges that enable you to grow and develop.”

“It’s all about motivation and reaching the highest potential and being happy and fulfilled.”

“Feeling that you’ve made a difference, done the best that you can, and helped somebody move through a challenge and towards their goals. It is also that feeling of knowing that you are on the right track and doing what you are meant to do.”

He has received numerous awards, citations, and recognition to name a few:

  • Forbes Best Dressed List 2020 and 2022
  • Outstanding Community Civic Leader in the field of Aesthetic Dermatology and Age Management Medicine
  • Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence in Aesthetic Dermatology
  • PAAAMMI Hall of Fame Award for Best Dressed Award and Star of the Night
  • Glamour King 2021
  • Most Exceptional Empowered Men 2021
  • Viral Award-Lifetime Achievement Award and Excellence in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine 2022
  • Philippine Fashion Circle Award-Captain of the Year in the Field of Aesthetic Dermatology 2022
  • Philippines Most Exceptional Men 2022
  • Pamana Awards USA 2022 Outstanding Community Civic Leader
  • PAAAMMI Presidential Merit Award for 10 Consecutive Years
  • Excellence Award in several categories
  • Numerous awards and distinctions as a Resource Speaker
  • Key Opinion Leader of various products from several companies.

He deserves to be loved and respected just as much as others do. He knows his worth, and will never settle for anything less. His heart may have been broken many times by people he thought he could trust, but instead of being bitter he gathered all his sadness and turned them into strength. His heart may be shattered, but he used the pain others inflicted on him to mend it.

Dr. James S. Boado is a Physician, Registered Nurse, Pharmacy-Botany, Aesthetic Dermato-Surgery, Anti-Aging Practitioner, Academician, Consultant, Strategist, Entrepreneur, and a good friend with a listening heart.


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