The Godfather of Shawarma: Walther Uzi Buenavista  

With distinctive visioning ability, Mr. Walther Uzi Buenavista facilitated the growth of his company, The Shawarma Shack Fastfood Corporation, which started with a humble beginning. He is now running over 700 stores and still counting, both company-owned and franchise, in critical locations across the Philippine archipelago. This growth was fuelled by his desire to bring his Mediterranean fare closer to the customers from a simple food stall in Divisoria in the early part of 2015.

It just didn’t happen overnight as it involved many sleepless nights, countless rejections of his ideas, hit and miss trials until he got the right formula to make his brand grow. Aside from being known in the industry, he continuously does product development and thinks of other ways how he can deliver better products to his customers.

He believes that food is essential to everyone. Food that will provide energy to function and perform people’s daily tasks. He made it more affordable to the public by offering a Forever Buy 1 Take 1 of his product and his brand is now well known for it. For him, it’s not about how big the profit he can earn for every product sold but he is more focused on the volume of people who can afford and enjoy it, and earnings will just follow. Today, Shawarma Shack is one of the go-to places for people who want a quick fix for their hunger.

His passion for travel here in the Philippines and to other countries around the globe gives him time to unwind and get more ideas and formulate one to enhance the brand. Despite his busy daily routine, he still manages to be in touch with all the departments of the company in collaborating with their minds in coming up with better ideas. He’s treating all his employees as his family which creates a good environment wherein everybody can freely express one’s opinion. He uplifts everyone to also achieve their own dreams. Paying it forward is what he is always teaching his team whenever a person helped you during your darkest hour to move up, it is then your time to be of help to others.  

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit the entire globe and many businesses were greatly affected, he remained resilient and continued its operation in providing flavourful and delectable food, not just to its usual patrons, but also offered free meals to the frontliners who prevented the spread of the virus in our country. Truly, he’s a man with a big heart for those who are in need.

“Through time, I have learned to be generous to my customers and employees. When you learn to give more, you will also receive more later on.”

According to Mr. Buenavista

He’s also very active in different relief operations for our fellow Filipinos who were affected by natural calamities in partnership with various groups such as the Philippine National Police and Philippine Coast Guards in coordination with the local governments and its local social welfare arm.


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