What the Leaders are Reading – Dr. Mary Jane Alvero-Al Mahdi of Prime Group

An Inspiring story

Arriving in the UAE back in 1992, she was employed as a Quality Assurance Officer in a textile company situated in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE, and was being compensated with just approximately $300 a month. This, however, did not deter her to excel in her role as she initiated various operational improvements that boosted efficiency and productivity within the company.

Recognizing her potential and overqualification, her former boss was generous to give her the liberty to move on to another company, Al Futtaim Tarmac Laboratories, where she took on the position of a Chemist. She was part of the testing and analysis division which was servicing a wide array of clients involved in civil engineering and infrastructure projects. This has undeniably broadened her horizon and led her to become the Chief Chemist, later on.

After 6 years, she was headhunted to join a laboratory that became instrumental in changing the course of her career.

Starting as the Quality Assurance Officer of what was then just Geoscience Testing Laboratory (GTL) in 1997, she was promoted to become its General Manager having contributed significantly towards the company’s success by winning a considerable number of distinguished and iconic construction testing projects from the government as well as the private sectors. From a singular business unit whose manpower sums to only 8 individuals, she, eventually, led the company to expansion and diversification as its Group Chief Executive Officer, giving rise to what is now known as the Prime Group of Companies. Today, the organization owns 8 business units with over 600-strong workforce comprised of experts and professionals spread across its 6 offices in the UAE, 5 offices in India, Japan, and the Philippines. Under her leadership, Prime Group now specializes in testing, certification, inspection, training, research, study, trading, and facilities management.

She started off as an employee in what was once just a UAE local company. Over time, she helped introduce pivotal changes to its system and management. And with rigorous experience coupled with continuous self-development, she eventually led the company to its globally renowned status today.


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