Rising Tiger in Beauty Industry—Nikki Tang

Rising Tiger in Beauty Industry

A woman of substance and just awarded recently at Asia Leaders Awards 2022–Nikki Tang is not just a beautypreneur but a successful civic leader from different organisations.

It is noteworthy to mention some of the milestones this lady achieved. She is one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World of Filipina Women’s Network, Ontario, Canada. Another highly prestigious commendation is in being conferred by the Royal Institute of Singapore as Fellow of Royal Institute of Beauty Care (FRIBC). Achieving recognition as one of the Marketing in Asia – MIA 70 Rising Personalities on LinkedIn is one of her accomplishment. She untiringly share her time to leadership initiatives as Vice Chair of FINEX, the Financial Executives Women Institute Committee. Very recently she was inducted as a member of the Women’s Business Council of the Philippines.

More about Nikki in our December issue


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