All Hail to the Franchise Kings 

Young tycoons Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang spearheaded the “Mega Opening” of their own House of Franchise offices on Saturday, Sept. 24.

The 2-storey building was built to serve as a one-stop shop for its brands like toktok, Siomai King, Mang Boks, Potato King, Sgt. Sisig, Burger Factory, Noodle House, and Boy Bondat.

Profit in Innovation Amid Pandemic

The fully adorned office along Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City, is a testament to the business acumen and ingenuity of the two. The spacious rooms scream the success of the brands under the House of Franchise that thrive, especially during the pandemic.

Very few businesses survived at the height of the COVID-19 health crisis in the Philippines. The unfortunate situation allowed So and Macadangdang to expand their brands from Siomai King to toktok and other franchising juggernauts-Mang Boks, Potato King, Sgt. Sisig, Burger Factory, Noodle House, and Boy Bondat.

The challenge of working and selling products became a livelihood opportunity for Filipinos on lockdown through the system and innovation created by So and Macadangdang.

“The foundation of this building, the House of Franchise, came from the perseverance of our franchisees and customers, especially during the pandemic,” President and CEO Jonathan So said.

“Ingenuity plus technology, that hybrid business system, is the thrust of our brand, the House of Franchise,” he added.

“We were practicing physical distancing, but those who are abroad, OFWs, housewives, students, those who lost their jobs, everyone found a way to earn a living through our franchising brands,” Vice President and CFO Carl Macadangdang quipped.

“Your business opportunity is just a click away; it is online. You can get your own business, order your products, and deliver to your customers with just one app, one system, under the House of Franchise,” he furthered.

With the open health protocol being implemented in Metro Manila, the building of the House of Franchise is the perfect way to showcase the success of So and Macadangdang’s brands.

The showroom at 35 Shaw Boulevard, Brgy. San Antonio is a one-stop shop for those looking for an affordable yet competitive franchise business venture. Customers and franchisees entering this part of the building will learn everything about what franchise business the House of Franchise can offer.

It is all here, from the toktok franchise showroom to the food court-style food cart set-up of Noodle House to the logistics company franchise.

Those interested can choose from a variety of franchising tiers to select. You can choose between owning an online franchise or a physical store or stall where you can hire a team to help you sell your products.

Reputable, Moneymaking Brands

Your hard-earned money is worth investing in any of House of Franchise’s reputable and profitable products and services.

Toktok, Siomai King, and JC have yet again achieved another milestone in the innovative franchise industry, reaching out to the general public to provide a creative source of franchise business income.

Toktok, recognized in 2021 as the best and fastest courier franchise delivery service business by the Golden Globe Awards for Business Excellence, and Siomai King, the multi-awarded 2020–2021 back-to-back Franchise Company of the Year. Meanwhile, JC was recognized as the Health and Wellness Company for 2021 by the Asia Leaders Awards. In addition, it has broken ground and set up shop in its new mega headquarters located at the heart of Pasig City.

Not only are the House of Franchise’s brands earning accolades here and abroad, but the brands are also most sought after by customers. For example, Siomai King alone has 1,000 branches in the Philippines, earning its moniker, ang Hari ng Siomai (the King of Siomai). toktok app has been downloaded almost two million times!

How can you go wrong with any of the products and brands to choose from?

Progressive Commission Structure for Champion-Entrepreneurs

The new JC and House of Franchise offices, decorated in more friendly and Instagramable decor, showcase the company’s history on their walls, appealing to potential franchisees through its success story.

The tour alone inside the House of Franchise story wall will walk you through the many challenges and triumphs that its franchisees overcame. The heartwarming testimonies of perseverance and the loving guidance of the franchisor will convince you to invest your money.

The House of Franchise also has scheduled franchise orientations, which are initially being conducted three times a week, providing insights on the how’s, the why’s, and the income potential of a would-be franchisee. Selling your products is a walk in the park as House of Franchise prides itself on its high-quality products made from the best ingredients and offers delicious treats ideal for the Filipino palate. Notably, House of Franchise’s progressive commission structure encourages distributors to cultivate a sizable and engaged clientele, which would support them in securing a secure and fulfilling future that they can pass on to the next generation.

“We have seen single mothers and people with disabilities make a lot of money just by joining our family of franchisees. It is all up to you. As I always say, whether rain or shine, show up and work hard,” So assures would-be franchisees of the positive prospects of owning one of House of Franchise’s brands.

“Kailangang ilapit yung opportunidad sa mas nakakarami, we built House of Franchise, because this livelihood should not be kept; we pray more people would learn of us, of what we do so that more Filipinos will experience the blessings and earnings. So please, come and visit us,” Macadangdang quipped.

So also underscored the business’ legacy, stating that a business should be able to keep up with trends while also being something that can be passed down, striking a balance between being timely and being timeless.

“Napapanahon at napapamana, diba kasi kahit wala na tayo, may siomai pa rin, may Siomai King pa rin. ‘Yun ang learning namin, sa paggawa ng franchise,” So highlighted.

The product will sell; the investment is affordable, and its franchisees’ support system is unwavering. In addition, House of Franchise’s business programs have given Filipinos who wish to have their own business more opportunities. So what are you waiting for?

To the believers who want to realize their dreams, visit House of Franchise at 35 Shaw Boulevard, Brgy. San Antonio, Pasig City, and you might find the perfect business franchise for you!


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