Jeff Tan and Leo Ortiz: Princes of Health and Wellness


The Rising Dragon Beauty and Wellness Trading Corporation the hardworking employees and loyal distributors who are dedicated to the company’s success, even though the company is still in its early years, the brands and products have been recognized already as one of the trusted and top brands in the market by credible award-giving bodies such as Asia Leaders Awards, Jeff Tan and Leo Ortiz company was able to expand and grow.

Jeff and Leo, have been helping thousands of people and families to survive and thrive during the pandemic, and provide an opportunity for them to earn and can catapult changes to their lives and businesses to succeed. Leo as a young leader also focuses on customer experience because he believes that customers’ perceptions can make or break the business.

Leo, Just 36 years old and graduated as cum laude, a registered nurse and now top of his league and dubbed now as the “Prince of Health & Wellness” for the overwhelming success of the brands under him such as GlutaLipo and Beauty Vault with 25,000 distributors, Leo is not stopping, he keeps on launching new products as his way of innovating and producing world-class health and wellness items not just for Filipinos but loyal users globally. Now with Jeff Tan, Leo’s business and life partner, together, they made the company more successful.

A Rising Tiger

 “Being a rising tiger and a nation builder is a huge responsibility, great honor and a commitment. A great honor because it symbolizes the achievements, sacrifices and hardwork of my team, the organization and the company and the people behind the success of Rising Dragon. A great honor dedicated with blood, sweat, tears and success as we rise to the challenge.”

For Leo being a leader is also a huge responsibility and commitment. He believes that it’s his responsibility to serve the distributors, resellers, and end-users and the responsibility of the employees. A commitment to providing world-class quality products that are very safe and effective and a commitment also to uplift the livelihood of many Filipinos through distributorship and reselling.


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