The Powerful Man with a Mission and a Heart of Gold

Secretary Salvador Panelo is one powerful man. We know that he is a Filipino lawyer who served as President Rodrigo Duterte’s Chief Presidential Legal Counsel and Presidential Spokesperson. He was also the legal adviser during Duterte’s 2016 presidential campaign but before that powerful stint in the government, he was already the talk of the town and making a name for himself from his legal works. Well, the president of the Philippines will not get him if he’s not extraordinary.

When he campaigned to be a senator in the 2022 election. He opened up his personal side about his son with down syndrome. And thanks to that wonderful song that he keeps on singing in different events that caught the attention of another star. He got more sympathy from the nation for his love for his late son. Sec Panelo campaigned on a platform of “bringing the ‘tapang at malasakit’ brand of leadership to the Senate” by providing free education and accessible medical, legal, and social services for regular Filipinos.

Even though he didn’t become a part of the winning team this 2022, the number 1 Senator-elect Robin Padilla who earned the Filipinos’ trust topped the recently concluded May 9 senatorial race, invited him to be his legal adviser and consultant.

Padilla, actor-turned-politician, was among the 12 senators proclaimed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec). Padilla garnered 26,612,434, the most number of votes among 63 candidates who ran for senator in the recent polls, and being chosen to be a legal adviser has its power. Power to help craft new laws for the common good. Still a winner to many.

As a Father

On the fifth death anniversary of his son, former presidential spokesperson Sec Salvador Panelo, now a legal adviser of Senator Robin Padilla vowed to push for measures mandating the government to build facilities for children with special needs or disabilities. In a Facebook post, Sec Panelo remembered his son Carlo who died in his sleep on January 6, 2017. Carlo had Down syndrome. This only proves the love of a father is forever.

Secretary Panelo recalled that one of the worries he and his wife had, back when Carlo was still alive, was thinking of who would take care of their son once they pass away and thus he vow to push for legislation that would mandate the Philippine government to build facilities where children with special needs or disabilities like his son can be taken cared of if the parents or guardians pass away ahead of them, or are incapable of providing them with the great care, focus and attention they need.

A powerful public servant, performer, husband, father, and a good man such as Secretary Salvador Panelo has a heart of gold to share with those in need.


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