The Most Influential Voice of Entrepreneurship

Some attribute Filipinos’ innate ability to sing and natural gift of voice to their national identity as a people with a strong sense of identity. As a result, you’ll encounter random folks impersonating familiar sounds nearly without effort. They’re actually not that few in number at all.

Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, a certified corporate personality whose voice allowed him to set up the Voice Acting Academy Philippines and Dubbing Academy, and be named by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as a Go Negosyo Most Inspiring Entrepreneur, maybe the only one hailed as a true blue VoiceMaster. Since its inception in 2005, the aforementioned acting school has graduated more than a thousand students.

In the eyes of the business world, this voice artist is a genius who has done more to establish voice acting as a distinct industry than anybody else. He’s a self-starter who uses his swagger and savvy to get acceptance in the world of business.

“It all started with a desire, a dream to uphold voice acting as an art and not just a job or a gig and to Use it to Create Positive Social Change”

Pocholo Gonzales

As an art, he also refers to making the craft a job, like a business that’s going nowhere but up. Pocholo’s voice can be heard in thousands of commercials, telenovelas, anime, video games, and mobile applications.

Pocholo’s voice, fueled by a clear entrepreneurial instinct, has made him more than just a vehicle for entertainment; it has enabled him to transition into a business leader of his own.

CreatiVoices Productions only bolstered the concept that his voice might be used as a rallying point for something of value and importance.

According to an interview with him, “I do things unconventionally.” “I’m not afraid to go beyond the bounds because I believe in the great power of voice to create something out of nothing.”

Even in the written word, Pocholo uses his voice to stir whatever mixture he has in his glass.

Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent was awarded as the Best Book Award for the National Book Awards’ Professions Category in 2017.

That same year, he was chosen as President of Junior Chamber International–Makati. His business associates couldn’t resist. He established the Makati Young Business Club last year.

The Makati Young Business Club is a network of Filipino entrepreneurs between the ages of 25 and 40 and the home of the Youth Entrepreneurship Academy.

“Leaders have fresh ideas, huge ideals, and noble,”

Pocholo Gonzales

Perhaps this is why he has joined the group of visionaries known as Titans Business Ventures Corp. He is the company’s marketing and public relations director.

With degrees in speech communication from the University of the Philippines Diliman and broadcast communication from the same institution, it’s safe to say Pocholo Gonzales has always known what he wants to do. At the 2003 Ad Congress in Baguio City, he won the award for “Best Voice Actor.” He achieved it by mimicking Mike Enriquez’s voice, which he performed better than any other comedian could have done.

It’s not enough to just have a voice, as his reputation shows. It’s all about how to keep your voice focused on what it should be doing.


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