Princess Angelica Consing: Serial Entrepreneur

It’s women’s month and we’re rejoicing for the empowered, talented and dynamic leaders under Rising Tigers. One of them is a serial entrepreneur, Princess Angelica Consing who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the following companies;

  • Rhodium688 Builders, Inc.
  • NetGlobal Solutions, Inc.
  • The Orange Company
  • Agua Brazilian Swimwear
  • JlopezMD Wellness Spa and Center
  • Founder – Go Pilipinas Foundation, Inc.

Princess’s main focus is the real estate, Rhodium688 Builders Inc, which she and her partners able to build the company from scratch.

Princess added that in RBI (Rhodium688 Builders, Inc.), they started with zero capital and zero construction industry experience. What she had back then was 100% willpower and belief that she could do it and can make it. She joined the company and was able to create a solid foundation with the right people, right partners, and good system necessary for the company’s success.

RT: Given these personal milestones, what has (your company) accomplished through you?

Princess: With the help of my partners, Our average growth in terms of revenue is 70% Year on Year and we were able to get our Triple-A PCAB license in our third year.

One of our plans in the future is to raise capital from the public possibly through an IPO. This will be used to fund the scale of construction projects we have in the pipeline.

Rising Tiger

According to Princess, Rising tiger for her is someone self-made. They are the pursuers of dreams. Visionaries. Someone that chases success and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Has goals scary enough that give a huge impact to the society.


“With the help of my partners, Our average growth in terms of revenue is 70% Year on Year and we were able to get our Triple-A PCAB license on our third year.”

One of the plans under the real estate and construction company in the future is to raise capital from the public possibly through an IPO. This will be used to fund the scale of construction projects they have in the pipeline.

Princess is making herself busy, especially during this pandemic, and enjoying also helping her team in other projects such as the companies she built like the

NetGlobal Solutions, Inc. is a Tech company that offers complete end-to-end solutions. We are also developing key partnerships for specialized technology like payment gateway solutions, digital wallets among others.

JlopezMD is one of her favorites also since it’s in health and wellness. An integrative medicine clinic specializing in anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Duco Trading, Inc. is the distribution arm that became necessary to establish considering the increasing demand for materials in the construction industry. They market high-quality and long-life construction and industrial products.

Princess is making sure that she is reaching the marginalized too with Go Pilipinas Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization focused on empowering communities and individuals through education, livelihood, and health programs, especially during the global health crisis. To her, what is success if not shared?

“From the visions of our chairman and our founder Joel Consing, we are also aggressively working on a colossal app The Orange Platform (TOP.PH) that aims to build a digital ecosystem through a community of like-minded people geared towards building a sustainable future.”

Agua Brazilian Swimwear – A swimwear brand that Princess just recently acquired from Fatima Rabago Muraoka which highlights more of her feminine side.

What has the pandemic taught you?

“The pandemic has caused us to slow down and be more mindful. I had a lot of reflections and realizations. What truly matters most in life. It pushed me to be more grateful every day. Live and appreciate my present life and be hopeful for the future. It taught me how to have a grateful heart. Build Resilience. Contribute and help the society.”

“That nothing is certain in life. Uncertainties can cause us fear, but we have to remain strong and we must learn how to be hopeful and optimistic since it could cause us to pause or pull back, we have to keep moving forward and invest in the happiness of our future self.”

What are your personal values and strategies as a leader?

“I am an advocate of Empowerment and Development.

I used my power as the President and CEO to empower others instead of keeping that power to control for oneself. I also believe in the power of teamwork and becoming a team player. Thru empowering others and mentorship, I will be able to build future leaders I can rely on with confidence.”

“I am also passionate in what I do. I am committed to meeting our goals and demonstrate ferocious resolve when faced with adversity. My passion and energy are so infectious that it uplifts and motivates our team.”

“Resilience, we have our own struggles both in our personal life and in our career. What matters the most is our ability to bounce back and that we enjoy our journey. Happiness is a choice. Always. I choose to be optimistic and everything that I do.”

“I spread love and positivity all the time. The universe has its own way of giving you what you deserve in life. Perhaps even more if you’re worth it. Thank to our God Almighty.”

Any inspiring story about you and your company that you want to share with the public?

“I grew up in humble beginnings. I have big dreams when I was a child. To become a tycoon and to own a building, a hotel, a resort, you name it, I want to own anything you can think of. Growing up, I was bombarded with the idea that I can only achieve my dreams through either becoming a successful businesswoman or marrying a tycoon. Funny but true. I chose the first option, I realized its easier since its something I can control and work on. Fortunately, I have passion in entrepreneurship even during my childhood days. I remember buying a can of condensed milk from my allowance to make yema balls and sold it to my siblings and to my other relatives at home. I found happiness in earning profits. From that moment, I knew my heart belongs to entrepreneurship. Throughout my whole life as a student, I always have a small business on the side. I buy and sell things, cook food and sell, joined bazaars, among many other things.”

“My journey to becoming where I am right now started when I was in between jobs after graduation. I was tempted to jump into entrepreneurship full time but discipline and patience taught me that if I want something big, i have to gain experience and expand my network first. Hence, my employment for 7 years. When I felt fully prepared for entering entrepreneurship, thats when I decided to jump in full time. Then the rest is history.”

Princess Angelica Consing


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