Talk of the town now the photos in Social Media of the most successful and richest men in the Philippines but in this frame, four of them was under Asia Leaders Awards and the one who invited them all, it’s Felix Ang (2019 awardee) of Cats Motors.

The honcho of Megaworld, Kevin Tan was the 2019-2020 awardee. The billionaire from Davao, Dennis Uy (2019-2020) also was part of the Asia Leaders Awards not just at ALA but also at the American Association of the Philippines event that the ALA team also organized.

All has been said but there’s another one in the photo who is with us and never mentioned, that particularly maybe because he is not a businessman in the Philippines but since 2019 is part of the AWARDS COMMITTEE of Asia Leaders Awards, the event last year was also held at his embassy, the one in the right side corner and in front of the camera is no other than the honorable Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines, Gerard Ho.

ONLY THE CRÈME DE LA CRÈME at Asia Leaders Awards. Be part of us! See you soon!


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