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We all have mentors and for my number 1, it’s my father, Josefino Velasco Bondad, whom I appreciated more than ever. For 21 years he showed me how to deal with different kinds of people via his very successful construction hardware company. His whole life was for family and everything he does at work, for the love of his life. Family.

He keeps on waking us up as early as 5 am. For him, he doesn’t want the customers to wait. The customer for him was always right, exerting so much effort to please them and to give in to their requests.

I’ve learned that you’ll only know if the work or job fits you if you’re waking up each day excited to fulfill the job. Always thinking of ways to innovate and to give more to the clients and exerting so much to help out. He was into Golden Rule, don’t do to others what you don’t like others to do unto you, I’ve learned to empathize, to appreciate the people who give time to meet me and I’ve learned to focus.

On the other hand, my mother for 15 years was a kindergarten teacher who teach me how to be graceful. Wear dresses all the time, to be fine as with what I do and to prove that even women can break the glass ceiling, repeatedly. She donated and helped so many seminarians for so many years and I saw how unconditional she is. Till now, side by side, we would like to help and reach more indigents.

Leadership for me is not just actually leading a thousand, even 2 or 3 followers, you can be. It’s about giving directions for the common good and making more leaders from that mentorship.

The premier of Rising Tigers Magazine is all about the people who lead. They might night be all founders but most are already breaking the glass ceilings on what they do. Don’t forget, manpower is the backbone of any organization, without the people behind, there’s no success. It goes with the saying “No man’s in an island.”

Why Rising Tigers, Nation Builders? We have two categories in this issue, the emerging and the icons guiding the young leaders. Tigers are not just fierce but passionate on their own while at the same time, making sure that the streak is protected. Even though this pandemic is not done yet, we need to rise and
continue to help out as nation builders.

Congratulations to these 50 emerging leaders and icons from different industries. Continue to inspire more people and from that, we’re making more leaders. What matters

This issue is for my parents who keep on sharing their wisdom and guiding me to help more unconditionally. To make an impact today and for the next generation.

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