The Magic of Ghie Pangilinan

When you’re traveling in Metro Manila, you’ll see all the big billboards around, you’ll notice celebrities with the face of a familiar CEO since she’s also everywhere receiving awards for the world class beauty products she produces. 

Ghie Pangilinan is the woman behind the successful Skin Magical brand under Pore it On Cosmetics Company and the one in charge in operations. 

Stars under Ghie 

Karla Estrada is the New Celebrity Endorser under Ghie’s company but she’s not the only one under her beauty and food empire, some of the famous and influencers joined also because of their trust in the brands that includes Vice Ganda, Heart Evangelista, Dimples Romana and Angel Locsin among others. Truly an emerging leader who has a proven formula, working hard. 

Skin Magical, now a global network of franchisees, distributors, resellers, and users was established after Pangilinan realized that many OFWs and mothers want to start their own business.

Award Winning Entrepreneur 

Ghie is a young serial entrepreneur who is in her own skincare business for more than 7 years already, bagged the Woman of the Year Award in the field of Health & Wellness just recently under American Association of the Philippines as they celebrated the 74th year anniversary in Makati. She was co-founder and COO of Skin Magical and Founder of Speaks G along with her husband, Jerry Pangilinan. She empowers Filipino women by providing livelihood and high-quality skin care and beauty products for all. Unstoppable, she is also known now in the Food and Franchise Business. She was the one who brought the famous international milk tea brand “Tea Talk” in the Philippines and establishing more new companies to serve the need of the Filipino people. Ghie is featured at the premier issue of business and lifestyle magazine “Rising Tiger” as part of the top 50 leaders in Asia Pacific that will be launched on March 22, 2022 at Grand Hyatt Hotel Taguig.


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