World-class Fashion Designer: Happy Andrada for Beauty Industry Awards as part of Awards Committee

Talented and International Fashion Designer—Happy Andrada is everywhere representing the Philippines for international events and received so many awards already. A world-class designer with designs participated in the London Fashion Week; Paris Fashion Week; Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam; Fibre Rome, Milan, Italy; International Fashion and Art exhibit Seoul, Korea; Fashion and Art Exhibition in Beijing China; Women’s Wear Daily Convention in Las Vegas; Topstyl Designer event in the Czech Republic; Fashion Art Exhibit in The Netherlands; Animax featured designer in Singapore, and Japan’s Fashion Design Competition; Arts and Fashion Week Toronto Canada; Exclusively by design in Tokyo, Japan, International Fashion Art Biennale Mongolia, PRC; International art and Fashion Biennale Changsha, China.

For the first time in the Philippines, there will be an award show primarily to recognize the beauty industry and the organizers are very proud to have world-class fashion designers as part of the awarding committee with a fashion show at the gala night of Beauty Industry Awards (BIA).

Another world-class fashion designer who accepted the invitation as part of the awards committee is Pablo Cabahug and was the one who made the 2020 Asia Leaders Awards Fashionable PPEs for the whole Tag Media Group team. The organizers of the largest and biggest award show in the Asia Pacific.

Asia Leaders Awards presents:

BEAUTY INDUSTRY AWARDS and the organizing committee are very proud of the addition of these two international fashion designers as part of the awards committee.

Happy Andrada and Pablo Cabahug are two of the Philippines’ young and dynamic fashion designers who will dress the honorees with a fashion show for the benefit of the children under the Kiwanis Club of Makati. The honorees if not the first time will not just help the indigents but also will have the chance to flaunt the innovative designs of these two award-winning fashion designers.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Beauty industry leaders will be under one roof for the first time under the largest recognition organization in Asia, Asia Leaders Awards. Beauty Industry Awards (BIA) is the grandest health and wellness event that will be at the posh Grand Hyatt Hotel in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig in collaboration with the biggest brands in the Asia Pacific.


  • Woman of the year
  • Man of the year
  • Innovative Company of the year
  • SME Company of the year
  • Company of the year
  • Influencer of the year
  • CSR Company of the year
  • Health & Wellness Company of the year
  • Social Media Campaign of the Year
  • Product of the year

The only beauty awards voted on by the experts themselves. No other organization offers such a significant platform to honor beauty’s most accomplished women and men leaders for their achievement and leadership. BIA identifies the next generation of leaders who excel in their positions and contribute to company-wide initiatives and reach out to others.


The Tiger as the lucky animal of the year is associated with bravery, confidence, and strength while the Saxifrage flower symbolizes devotion, affection, and passion. Same as these leaders in the beauty industry.

BIA is to motivate and influence up-and-coming beauty entrepreneurs to do more not just for their own organizations but also to help out those who are in need. To serve as an example for companies to do the same. These leaders are innovators and with grit to succeed. To acknowledge these leaders in the Asia Pacific for their unwavering commitment to their peers.


The finalist will have a chance to wear the awarding committee’s gowns and suits via the events Fashion show to showcase also their very own brands. Part of the awarding committees is our international fashion designers; Happy Andrada and Pablo Cabahug.

The BIA is focused purely on the talent, dedication, and commitment of these global entrepreneurs.

Nomination starts now. Send your categories, CSR photos, website to


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