Philip Cea, F1 Hotel and Achievement Realty Corporation

The man of the hour with the biggest approved project for the economic zone in the Philippines under Philippine Economic Zone Authority or PEZA, Philip Cea of F1 Hotel, and the Chairman of Achievement Realty Corp. (ARC) are beaming with joy as always. He is also the Vice President of Makati Tourism Foundation Inc. The project is situated in the first-class municipality of Mauban, Quezon.

In Photo: PCCI Enunina Mangio, Yupangco Group Robert Laurel Yupangco, Philip Cea, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas Dr. Elton See Tan and Tan Yu III.

“It will be a mixed zone. We will put up a seaport, a manufacturing industry area or zone, airport, agricultural, and tourism components to promote not just the province but also the whole Philippines as the premier business destination not just in Asia but globally. The estimated cost is P125 Billion. We are also already in talks with foreign and local investors that will be potential partners in developing the country’s biggest ecozone. With the aim of making QTISEZ as a township, around 200 hectares shall be dedicated to mixed-use for the establishment of government offices, residential, commercial, and other sectors where our people can ‘live, work, and play. This is to help the Filipino people for jobs creation and to alleviate the lives of many.”  

According to Philip.

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) said recently that it approved the registration for the PHP125-billion Quezon Techno-Industrial Special Economic Zone (QTISEZ) project, the biggest economic zone in the country.

PEZA director general Charito Plaza who just attended also recently another event from one of the board of Makati Tourism Foundation Incorporated, Jettson Yu’s project “great work” in Mega Tower said the ARC is allocating PHP75 billion for ecozone development, and PHP25 billion each for its international seaport and airport.  

“It will be the first international airport and seaport to be strategically located in the Eastern part of Luzon, we’re expecting 2000 factories to create 200,000 jobs.” Plaza added.

Achievement Realty Corp. (ARC) will be developing the 1,836-hectare QTISEZ located in Barangays Rosario and San Jose in the town of Mauban in Quezon province.   This huge investment of Philip Cea which he entrusted to PEZA is going to be a historical project because this new economic zone shall come out, as of today, the future biggest economic zone in the Philippines.

Philip Cea is an award-winning entrepreneur who receives “Man of the year” in real estate under Asia Leaders Awards in 2019. Even in this pandemic and he doesn’t want to go out because of his age, he still tries to work hard and delegated his projects to his team for execution. Truly a workaholic businessman who keeps on reaching out to help more.


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