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Skin Magical Founding COO of Skin Magical, Ghie Pangilinan Taps “Momshie” Karla Estrada as New Celebrity Endorser but she’s not the only one under her beauty and food empire, some of the famous and influencers joined also because of their trust in the brands that include Vice Ganda, Heart Evangelista, Dimples Romana, and Angel Locsin among others. Truly an emerging leader who has a proven formula, working hard.

Ghie Pangilinan, Founding Chief Operations Officer of Skin Magical—the leading maker and distributor of high-quality affordable personal care products in the Philippines is everywhere, literally. You’ll see her captivating face on billboards or doing a lot of business talks nationwide.

Just recently, she signed a contract with Karla Estrada who is one of the three iconic hosts, with Jolina Magdangal and Melai Cantiveros, of the popular inspirational family-oriented morning show “Magandang Buhay.”

Karla Estrada is, without a doubt, the new face of Skin Magical because she embodies the tagline “KAPAG MAY GANDANG PALABAN, MAY MAGANDANG BUHAY!” Pangilinan said, welcoming the beautiful actor-singer onboard her beauty empire.

Inspiring Women Inspiring Momshies for Their Families

 “This description fits Ms. Karla perfectly as I’ve seen how she really did everything for her family. As an inspiration to all momshies, Ms. Karla will definitely help Skin Magical grow to provide a livelihood to more Filipinos,” Pangilinan explained.

The Skin Magical empire was born of the need to provide Filipinos here and abroad an effective yet affordable beauty while, at the same time, giving families an opportunity to realize their dreams.

“I’m very blessed to be endorsing my first skincare product. And, I’m very excited because I’ve tried and proven them to be really effective. I wouldn’t endorse any product I don’t believe in or tried—with Skin Magical I’m 100% sure and confident cannot risk my reputation,” Estrada shared.

As a single parent, raising four kids, and having successfully made a name in the field of show business, Estrada is also a businesswoman who’s blessed with a famous son for an actor, Daniel Padilla.

Despite her son’s support, Estrada, however, thanks to Skin Magical as a great boost for her in augmenting resources to even better provide for her children.

Sharing Beauty Secrets for the Most Beautiful Mothers

During a quick talk during Estrada’s appointment as Skin Magical’s new celebrity endorser, Estrada recommended the following beauty regimens for optimal freshness: facial cleansing and rejuvenation before sleeping, moisturizing your skin after every shower, and conditioning your hair to retain texture even if you don’t go to the salon regularly.

To these, Pangilinan added that cleansing is truly vital to beauty, scrubbing in the bath before putting on lotion, and using hair serum to get the best hair possible.

Reaching Out to Mothers through Business Hubs

“We’re setting up a lot of businesses, so we’re really focused on releasing new products and programs lately. For one, we’re coming up with a Skin Magical Business Hub for people who don’t go online or are tech-savvy. This is their chance to cater to sell door-to-door. This is where Momshie Karla comes in to introduce Skin Magical to more momshies,” Pangilinan revealed.

Skin Magical, now a global network of franchisees, distributors, resellers, and users were established after Pangilinan realized that many OFWs and mothers want to start their own business.

Recognizing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Ghie is a young serial entrepreneur who is in her own skincare business for more than 7 years already, bagged the Woman of the Year Award in the field of Health & Wellness just recently under the American Association of the Philippines as they celebrated the 74th year anniversary in Makati. She was co-founder and COO of Skin Magical and Founder of Speaks G along with her husband, Jerry Pangilinan. She empowers Filipino women by providing livelihood and high-quality skincare and beauty products for all. Unstoppable, she is also known now in the Food and Franchise Business. She was the one who brought the famous international milk tea brand “Tea Talk” to the Philippines and establishing more new companies to serve the need of the Filipino people.

All the billboards nationwide with the big celebrity names alongside Ghie is a testament to success.

Ms. Ghie stated on one of her social media posts… “The American Association of the Philippines award is a reminder of the wonderful purpose we are all working for Skin Magical. I’m humbled and honored to show that SKIN MAGICAL will continue its commitment to provide the PH market a quality yet affordable skin essentials products!  God is good because we are able to sustain and keep them going while we provide more and more livelihood.”


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