Ms. Vanessa Verzosa, TV8 Media Productions

One of the Founders and Producer of TV8 Media Productions, Ms. Vanessa Verzosa, will be honored during the launch of business and lifestyle magazine Rising Tigers: Nation Builders as one of the featured individuals among its Top 50 Rising Tigers in the Asia Pacific.

Ms. Vanessa Verzosa (right) with Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas (left)

TV8 Media Productions is an independent production company based in the Philippines established and managed by experienced media practitioners, headed by Ms. Vanessa Verzosa.

Ms. Verzosa has been a block-time producer since 2017. From only a manpower of 3, her group has grown into 8 (the reason behind the name TV8). And with the continued support and trust from their satisfied clients, now they have grown working collaboratively with almost 40 production staff.

“Being a block time producer is no easy job. Sometimes you gain, sometimes you lose. But you cannot just give up. It’s the feeling of fulfillment that keeps us going” Verzosa said.

TV8 produces quality video content for local and international viewing. They currently have two regular shows both being aired on CNN, Business Matters and I Heart PH, a lifestyle show.

Why Business matters

Business Matters is the Philippines’ first-ever TV documentary that examines the inspiring practice of corporate citizenship among local companies who have made improving the lives of Filipinos their business. It highlights stories about the synergies made by key business players in order to create a positive difference in society today.

“We cover businesses that matter. We feature the good things, the good deeds that these companies are doing. We want people to know that these businesses do not mean business only, they also care. They matter to the lives of the many people who they were able to help through their various CSR initiatives.”

– Ms Verzosa.

Business Matters airs Saturdays on CNN Philippines.

Vanessa of Rated K

Vanessa Verzosa, a BS in Human Ecology graduate from the University of the Philippines, started her career at ABS-CBN. She worked for various shows like Sharon, VIP Pass, Cinema One, Bet on your Baby but it was working with Ms. Korina Sanchez of Rated K where she gained her extensive TV productions experience.

As Rated K’s researcher, she focused on finding odd but meaningful projects. She loved the extra-ordinaries, going to far-flung, hard-to-reach areas of the Philippines, to dig stories worthy for the viewing public to know. She became the Head researcher of the show and because of the connections she was able to build with her very straightforward style of dealing with people, she became the show’s Production Coordinator. From here, she became well known to many clients as the “Vanessa of Rated K.”

Not just an ordinary TV Media Production group

“TV8 was established not just to make money, but to share stories of life, inspiration and hope,” Ms. Vanessa added.

Focusing on 2 shows, for now, bringing the lighter side of the world thru “I Heart PH” and the more serious ones thru “Business matters,” Ms. Vanessa concluded by saying, “We want to tell the people there are good stories, and there is hope. Behind every business is a heart that cares. The impact of our program to the people we have helped by bridging businesses to communities to do CSR projects is huge and remarkable. It’s life-changing.”

If you have an inspiring story to share, connect with the TV8 team. Know more about them thru

Recognizing the Leaders of Tomorrow

“With 2022—The Year of the Water Tiger promising 365 days of positive changes, business must be stable, and finances will flow smoothly throughout the year with grit on its side.”

– Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, Founder and CEO of Tag Media Group.

Asia Leaders Awards take the opportunity to recognize this well-rounded Media Productions Lady with a big heart, Miss Vanessa Verzosa, among the Top 50 Rising Tigers in the Asia Pacific through the launching of the Rising Tigers: Nation Builders Magazine. Ms. Verzosa never failed to make a difference by touching people’s lives with her well-crafted and significant stories.


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