Jessa Macaraig, The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinic

What does it mean to be a Rising Tiger, Nation Builder for you?

A Rising tiger is someone who does not fear society’s challenges. This inspiring soul creates chaos of ideas and defines the purpose of strongly manifesting success by making every step of the way meaningful. A Rising Tiger should not be tired of effecting a significant change of every aspiring leader of their own chosen field because the fuels that keep us going are the values that we are holding onto.

What are your personal accomplishments that embody these characteristics?

I started from rags to riches, but what makes my story different is that I gained my strength from the story of my past. I grew up with meagerness and doubts that made me feel weak and cannot accomplish anything. But then, I came to the point of realizing that you should not challenge a woman who has a desperate personality to prove herself in a world full of criticisms and questions. That is why my business, The Pretty You, was born – it started from passion, love, and determination.

Given these personal milestones, what has (your company) accomplished through you?

We started months before the pandemic, but who would have thought that my strength would be able to bring up a brand with nine branches and more to go in just three years of its operations. And still, this value of mine upholds a solid foundation to withstand the challenges of this pandemic.

What has the pandemic taught you?

We all know that this pandemic has affected many people, whether physically or mentally, but to be honest, what was significantly injured by this pandemic is our perspective of beauty. Not because you are wearing a mask and cannot expose your face, it doesn’t mean that you will forget the idea of being beautiful. This pandemic taught me to appreciate beauty by developing and effecting change and suddenly celebrating a beauty that lasts.

How did (your company) work around the limitations of the pandemic?

Unfortunately, the clinic has to deal with many restrictions and even stop operations during the series of enhanced community quarantines. But this didn’t make us stop. Instead, we are more provoked to continue our goal of changing the stigma of beauty by having a perfect physique but to let people understand that more than this, wellness, confidence, happiness, and having healthy skin are what beauty means to us.

What are your personal values and strategies as a leader?

Being a leader, I always remember to be strong but not to be rude, to be kind but not weak, humble but not timid and proud and not arrogant.

How important is being recognized as a Rising Tiger to you and (your company)?

Awards and recognitions like these are gemstones from digging the quarry of challenges. More than an achievement, it is a part of our business history for us to be recognized not just because of fame but through our goal of effecting change in the meaning of BEAUTY.

Any inspiring story about you and your company that you want to share with the public?

We started from one branch and eventually grew amid the pandemic. Our brand grew and was developed despite dealing with economic and health crises. But still, here we are growing fastly with the hopes in our hands that one day, people would understand how to deal not just with the new normal but with the NEW BEAUTY that all of us should celebrate to last!

– Jessa Macaraig in an Interview


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