Hey Pretty Aesthetic Clinic & Hey Pretty Skin

When it’s about aesthetics, talk of the town now this petit entrepreneur with beautiful face and captivating persona, meet Anne Barretto, CEO of Hey Pretty Aesthetic Clinics & Hey Pretty Skin who have currently 17 branches nationwide and expanding. Also Hey Pretty Skin launched on Dec 20,2021.

For Anne, a Rising Tiger or a nation builder could be anyone or anybody. For women and for being a mother, a house wife or an entrepreneur, she believes that they can all become a nation builder in their own special ways as long as with purpose in life, as long as they learn and become better individuals in whatever endeavors they are in.

The RT team sat down with Anne and discussed about her challenges and success.

 Anne: “In the field of business, I have a founded Hey Pretty Aesthetic Center and Hey Pretty Skin. My clinics has continued to expand giving jobs to women. Right now I have 17 branches and has employed 100+ employees already. As a mother and wife to my beautiful family, I strive to give time and love to my husband and 5-year-old son. To carefully mold my son to be God fearing and a better version of himself. And lastly my goal is to become an inspiration to all women out there starting their businesses, to spread positivity in tackling struggles of starting a business, to be consistent in working smart and not working hard.”

Given the different milestone, the company has continued to generate jobs. Hey Pretty Aesthetic Center is ever growing to be of service to the Filipino women empowering them thru beauty and wellness. The pandemic has taught Anne to be resilient, to be adaptive to situations and be proactive.

“Because of the pandemic, I learned that everything we have can be gone in an instant. I know several people who lost their businesses, their jobs. Sadly, I even lost people I know, both family and friends. And the fact that I am here today talking to you about myself, my family and my business only shows how fortunate I am and that fills me with gratitude for life, for my family and for everything that I have. Given that, the pandemic also taught me the value of saving money because not only did it help me take care of my family but also the people I care for like my employees.”

During the pandemic time, and the on and off work. Anne learned that there are situations that she cannot control, that is why according to her, it is very important to save during the good times so that all could survive the very bad times.

“It was not easy for me personally. Realizing that things are not going back to the way they were is a hard pill to swallow. But as the saying goes, the only constant in this world is change. And the first step to moving forward to such change is acceptance. I’ve accepted the fact that I had to deal with such change and I’m just grateful that I have a great support system with my family and my Team. When the clinic was allowed to operate but with limitations, I was able to think outside the box and to create promo packages that are very appealing to our customers, even launching a home service treatment to customers. I needed to adapt and be proactive to strange situations for the company and its people to survive.”

As a business owner Anne learned to value her people.

“My people has the power to multiply trifold what I can only achieve individually. They are the core of my business, so I take good care of them and provide them thru profit sharing, incentives and vacations.”

As a Rising Tiger

“Being recognized as a Rising Tiger is a step forward for me to be an inspiration to other women struggling to build their dreams, managing their business and caring for their family as well. It is not an easy task, but the knowledge and growth you learn from it is very valuable.”

To be part of the beauty and wellness industry has always been dream of Anne. She is really passionate about health & beauty even when she was little.

“I’ve always been a “kikay” for as long as I can remember and being a wife and a mother made me think more about health and my family’s. so being a able to promote health & beauty through my business is really a blessing.” Anne shared that she didn’t came from a well-off family and growing up, she always felt that there isn’t much option for regular people like her when it comes to beauty & wellness. That made her decide that with Hey Pretty, she will try to provide the highest quality and most affordable beauty enhancement services to everyone.


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