Celestino “Les” Reyes

Celestino “Les” Reyes Chairman Reyes Haircutters When we’re talking about Salons, especially the affordable brands with quality, first always with more than 60 branches nationwide, Reyes Haircutters. A testament of business success with the biggest heart to help out through the company’s Corporate Social Responsibilities to help the indigents. Celestino “Les” Enriquez Reyes of Reyes haircutters is working for 21 years as Chairman, Marketing, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) head under the Beauty and wellness industry. He holds a Master in Entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Management where he is very proud of. His inspiration is to help the Small and Medium Enterprise or MSMEs to give jobs to underprivileged brothers and sisters, to empower all ladies that they can stand on their own and build back self-esteem to all leading well through God, Family and a well deserve job for everyone.

Les believes that all humans are equal and must love all unconditionally, business is uncertain, the same as life, and must be the priority. He also believes that it’s more important to strategize in a small step first that will lead to a bigger one. For this pandemic, he made sure that the company practices their creativity so even in crisis, he launches different projects with innovation to follow the new normal with extra effort to educate well staff and clients not to mention to always bringing the best practices. For the success of Reyes Haircutters, Les believes in integrity, honesty, kindness, open-mindedness, loving all equal, with perseverance and faith In God. Even with all the success, Les is very grateful and acknowledged that the highest achievement is being recognized as Rising Tiger for Reyes Haircutters. Les believes that whatever challenge there is, always there’s something good that will happen at the end of the day.


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