Avin Ong

Avin Ong Fredley Group of Companies Founder and Chief Executive Officer Creative, Innovative, Adaptable CEO: Avin Ong Successful and with the heart for his peers, exemplification of a true leader. And that is Avin Ong, a very young CEO leading his Group of Companies, Fredley Group of Companies with 230 branches of Macao Imperial Tea and other brands such as Nabe Japanese Izakaya with 3 branches, 1 branch of Mitasu Yakiniku, New York Fries & Dips with 2 branches, 1 branch of Hosaku, Liang Crispy Rolls with 3 branches and the latest that will open this June 2022 is Cafe Kitsune. Truly a very busy young entrepreneur. Award-winning young CEO Recognizing the effort of Avin from different credible award-giving bodies is just a testament to his success.

He shared to RT team his achievements; – 2021 AGORA Awards – Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Medium Scale – 2021 Asia CEO Awards – Young Leader of the Year – 2021 Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2021 – Regional Edition – Master Entrepreneur Award – 2021 Tatler Asia Generation T Honouree – 2021 Asia Leaders Awards – CEO of the Year – 2020 Asia CEO Awards – Entrepreneur of the Year Award – 2018 Injap Sia Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award Avin to his team spearheads the company’s strategic direction, financial operations as well as investments and acquisitions; takes the lead in implementing programs and business strategies to sustain overall business objective and long-range plans; responsible for the company’s revenue and sales growth, cost and margin control, as well as people development.

A True Leader in Deeds A young visionary and a constant innovator, with double MBAs and an honorary degree from De La Salle University, Avin is truly an inspiration to everyone. Innovative and Adaptable. Avin knows that innovation and adaptability are key to staying relevant and on top. For one, He introduced the “Gril-To-Go Yakiniku set at home” offering, which he started during the pandemic, for their customers to continue to enjoy their yakiniku food cravings. Avin also keeps on exploring new flavors to introduce on his Macao Imperial Tea and exciting promos to launch in all their existing specialty Food stores. Also, just recently, with his creative mind, they launched Fredley elite card, a sure come-on to their loyal customers. It entitles the cardholder to a 5% discount on all their purchases in any of their participating food stores nationwide. It also comes with other daily perks like a free drink, 20% off or P50 off to name a few. You can get it free with a minimum purchase in their stores. Visit https://fredleygroup.com/elite-card to know more about this. A True Leader at Heart Fredley Group of Companies is one of the few businesses that welcome Persons with Disabilities to their fleet. Avin believes that despite any disability, anyone is able, as long as they are driven. They also subsidize school needs of their employees’ children. “Giving back to the community will always be a priority for us and I’m proud of that.” says Avin To find out more about them, visit https://fredleygroup.com/


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