Adonis Tabanda

Musical Director for the Stars Music in our ears gave us joy or happy feeling, especially with words that resonate us or those that we can relate to. We all became a fan of somebody especially the performers and sometimes, we forgot to realize and acknowledge the people at the back, those who are making the music and the lyrics. We also appreciated how an entertainer flawlessly performs but we forgot to mention the people who help her achieve that visual and captivating performance. Meet the musical director for the stars, Adonis Tabanda. Most of his time, he is with Morissette, Jake Zyrus, and those big icons right now in the entertainment industry playing his guitar or making music with them together with his band, 3rd Avenue. Adonis is definitely everywhere and for him, a rising tiger is someone who is a fast developer and innovator. Utilizes all the resources online and offline, to grow and improve. He considered Egay Gonzales as his mentor and was inspired by the works of Ryan Cayabyab, Louie Ocampo, Gerard Salonga, and many other icons in the music industry.

For the international, one of his inspirations is David Foster, the hitmaker Musical Producer, and Director. When asked about success and message for the next generation “For me “Success” means doing something that makes you happy, and something that you enjoy and also when you’ve opened yourself to new challenges and opportunities that will help you grow personally and professionally.”

1. Always be a role model that can give a powerful impact on people.

2. Have a passion to learn new skills and opportunities that will help you grow more.

3. Always have Kindness and Gratitude to people and all situations in life. This will help you appreciate life to the fullest.


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