Pepsi Cola Products Philippines President & CEO Frederick Ong: Among Top 50 “Rising Tigers: Nation Builders”

Frederick Dy Ong, President and CEO of Pepsi Cola Products Philippines, Inc (PCPPI)—the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the Philippines—will be honored during the launch of business and lifestyle magazine Rising Tigers: Nation Builders as one of the Top 50 Rising Tigers in the Asia Pacific.

25 Years of Sales Leadership

 An Economics graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, Frederick D. Ong  is an epitome of that leader of the future who never fails to emerge triumphant amid challenges, transforming his company into his vision of the future.

“I feel honored to have been chosen to lead a dynamic team of ethical and purpose-driven individuals who are leading the industry to transition into a more sustainable business model that puts priority on the people, environment, and the future of the world,” Ong said in a statement after his appointment to PPCPI’s top post.

He harnesses his 25-year senior level experience and expertise in commercial management to “lead high performance teams across cultures” and “drive innovative business improvement aligned with PPCPI’s sustainable business approach.”

Ong rose from the ranks as Marketing Trainee to Senior Brand Manager for Nestle Philippines, Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Metrobank Card Corporation, National Sales Operations Director for The Coca Cola Export Corporation, and Customer Development Director for Johnson & Johnson Philippines.

He then became Director of Sales for Reckitt Benckiser SDN BHB, International Customers Pacific Group Director for Coca-Cola Far East Limited, and Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Samsung before finally taking over the helm of PPCPI.

Leading PPCPI to Environmental Sustainability

Under Ong’s leadership, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc, in 2021, goes full blast in reaffirming its commitment to sustainable business practices as it focuses on environmental protection and stewardship. 

PCPPI has continued to practice light weighting to drastically cut virgin plastic in their plastic packaging materials—saving 118 metric tons of plastic resin, or 6 million PET bottles!, as of September 2021—and save cartons as secondary packaging. 

Likewise, PCPPI has continually engaged in boosting its stewardship of water forms—adopting six bodies of water under its care—through local coastal cleanup drives by having its Batangas, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and La Union regional offices partner up with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

“PCPPI has fervently elevated our business practices to benefit the environment and the people. It’s still a long journey towards achieving plastic neutrality, but we are happy to see that we’re making remarkable progress and positive impact on the environment,” Ong said.

PCCPI manufactures 7-Up, Aquafina, Gatorade, Lipton, Milkis, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Mug, Premier, Sting, Tropicana, and, of course, Pepsi-Cola.


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